Download your cancer journey roadmap
and learn how to be an active participant in your cancer care.
Patients undergoing cancer care want to feel like they are having an active role in their recovery. We'll help you get started. 
Thrive after diagnosis.
You don’t have to suffer. We’ll show you how.

Patients want to feel confident that they are taking positive steps forward to remain healthy during chemotherapy, to minimize long term side effects from their conventional treatment, and that they are doing everything in their control to reduce recurrence.

The most common symptoms patients undergoing cancer care experience include: 

Changes to sleep, hot flashes and a loss of energy.

Changes to mood, tearfulness, brain fog and a loss of concentration. 

Changes to metabolism, body shape and how you feel in your body. 
"I want patients to know their options so they can feel empowered and thrive in survivorship"
~ Dr. Ashley Chauvin ND
Our guide was written especially for people like you to help you who
  • Want to play an active role in recovery and survivorship after a cancer diagnosis.
  • ​Value an evidence based and collaborative approach with your oncology team.
  • ​Are experiencing symptoms such as cancer related fatigue, mood changes or hormonal symptoms such as hot flashes.
  • Want to know you are doing everything you can to support yourself after a diagnosis of cancer. 
You can thrive after a cancer diagnosis. 
We can help.
Welcome to Clarity Health
At Clarity Health, our all-female team of Naturopathic Doctors takes a special interest in the unique challenge people face in their health and strives to help all patients understand their symptoms and all of the safe and effective options available to support them to feel the best versions of themselves. 

Effective cancer care needs a practitioner to listen hard to each person's experience: we want to know about your sleep, mental health, nutrition, side effects, and long-term treatment goals. Each and every step along a patient's cancer journey presents unique challenges and can cause them to experience symptoms such as fatigue, hormonal symptoms, metabolic changes, and physical changes.

We work closely with the rest of your medical team to give you the safest and most effective treatment options. Download our guide now
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