3 Things you can do 
to help your period cramps today. 
Can you even imagine what a pain-free period would be like?

How many hours would you get back if you didn’t have to heat up hot-packs in the microwave or didn’t have to lie in bed while you waited for your painkillers to kick in? 

These 3 strategies are designed to show you easy ways to support your menstrual health and work your way towards a more pain-free period.

What You'll Learn

  • Get Tested - Why You Need Tests For Your Cramps
  • Period Tracking 101 - Why The Details Are Important
  • Tacking Your Diet & Your Symptoms- Is Your Bloating From Your Period Or Your Digestion? 

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Hi I'm Moira.  
I have Endometriosis. 

Hi I'm Moira.  I have Endometriosis. 

My story with painful periods started at 12 years of age....except that nobody listened to my story for over 13 years.

I have spent my entire career (over 15 years and counting!) supporting people with painful periods and endometriosis. My goal is to help you feel heard and cared for while we explore all of the possible solutions for your pain (and there are a lot of possible solutions!).

Menstrual cramps are an almost universal experience for people with periods. There’s so much we can teach you about how to improve your symptoms from month to month. We’ll dive in on those ideas as soon as I’ve introduced you to an important idea first.

What if your cramps are something more?

Endometriosis is a BEAST of a condition that affects almost 10% of people with periods. Endo is a complex situation that needs to be approached from all angles: hormones, inflammation and autoimmune. It’s a complex situation that needs a guide to help find a solution.

 I’m here to help you get a head start on understanding your body, what tests you need and how to start taking care of yourself.

Can't wait to get started!  
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