Download the 
“5 mistakes women 
make during menopause”
And How To Take Back Control 
Of Your Symptoms
You want to age with health, resilience and confidence. Menopause shouldn’t feel like it’s getting in the way of achieving your goals. 
Thrive in menopause.
You don’t have to suffer. We’ll show you how.
As women reach the highest point of their careers and personal lives menopausal symptoms seem to come out of nowhere and cause.
  • Changes to sleep, hot flashes and a loss of energy.
  • Changes to mood, tearfulness, brain fog and a loss of concentration. 
  • Changes to metabolism, body shape and how you feel in your body. 
You can feel more in control of what’s happening
 with a few simple steps.
Our guide was written especially for women like you to help you
  • Understand what’s happening with your hormones after 40. 
  • Learn simple steps to support yourself through this transition. 
  • Get confident in how to advocate for better care from your health care team. 
We LOVE supporting women!
Welcome to Clarity Health
As an all-Female team of Naturopathic Doctors, we understand your goals and needs as an aging woman.
We want women to feel more like themselves as they transition through menopause and have a practitioner they can trust to support them in their health goals.

Women are often treated like men as they age and our mission is to support the unique health needs of women, including the hormone changes they experience at menopause.
You can move from feeling overwhelmed to confident about your hormones and menopause.
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